Welcome to AR Marketing Services

AR Marketing Services provides organizations with a professional marketing service to assist in meeting and achieving their overall corporate strategic plans and objectives by translating these into marketing plans.

The aim of our company is to implement and turn the marketing plans into actions in order for organizations to achieve their corporate objectives.

Over 15 years of experience in a corporate marketing environment, suitably equips us to offer a comprehensive service. In all we do, we strive to deliver the most excellent service to our clients, and on behalf of our clients.

Many commercial and professional organizations do not have the infrastructure to deploy a marketing department. We are able to provide these organizations with a full marketing service or alternatively any part of the marketing mix they require, cost effectively.

Where organizations do have a marketing department in place, they can view our various services as an extended arm to augment their marketing department, for example, coordinating events, golf days, etc. This would enable their marketing department to concentrate on achieving their objectives and goals to support the organization’s business plan, without the distraction and concerns of coordinating such events and activities.


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